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My Pride speech


Photographer: Beate A Tecza – Belgium & Mr Gay Europe 2016 : Raf Van Puymbroeck – Bulgaria: Dimitar Dimitrov – Czech Republic: Ladislav Agh – Denmark & 2nd Runner up of Mr Gay Europe 2016: Danni Sigen – England & 1st Runner Up of Mr Gay Europe 2016: Joni George Valadares – Ireland: Konrad Im – Poland: Andrzej Berg – Slovak Republic : Marek Gajdoš – Spain: Sergio Díaz Rullo Brasero – Wales & Mr Congeniality: Paul Davies

This is what I would have said, if I were to speak at this years Copenhagen Pride.
Unfortunately there were not room in their very tight schedule, but here is what Pride means to me.
Please share if you like <3

Hiii I’m Danni Sigen Mr. Gay Denmark & 2nd Runner Up of Mr. Gay Europe 2016

I just got home from the Mr Gay Europe competition week.
It was a week I definetely will call the best in my life.
That week gave me the opportunity to discover a new me – a new better version of me. It also gave me a bunch of new friendships to guys I really love and I’m lucky to have the right to call them my friends.

In the LGBTQIA community there is a lot of:
I don’t like, what he just did and I don’t like what they say.
But pride is about standing together.
We need to show more love, if we wanna change the world into a better place and if we want others to respect us – if we want others to accept and respekt us; we need to accept & respect each other first!

Denmark was a first moving country when it comes to LGBTQIA rights, but are we still that???
I’m not sure. In Denmark we need blooddonors, but in Denmark gay men are not aloud to give blood … or like they said it … men that have sex with men are not aloud to give blood.
That is for me not a country moving forward but a country that needs to step up.
For me, in Denmark and global, Pride is not about special rights; it’s simply about equal rights.
For me equal rights are a human right.
Like Mr. Gay Wales, our Mr. Congeniality said; We, Mr. Gay Europe Boys, Are Fighting for Equality & Diversity <3
This is one of the things I wanna fight for – not alone but with you guys.
We are in this together and together we are the strongest.

Bless you all and I wish you an amazing pride!

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Ønsker du fuldt indblik i mine vilde hverdage og kedelige søndag, er du meget velkommen til at følge med på min snapchat; dannisigen

Don´t just do it
-Danni Sigen it

Mr. Gay Denmark & 2nd runner up of Mr. Gay Europe 2016

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